Antidris Cassis Body and Hand Wash

Maison Louis Marie

The origin story of Maison Louis Marie is just one of the reasons we treasure their scents. In 1792 Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars, a pioneer in French botanical history, was exiled to  Madagascar and the Mauritius Islands during the revolution. When he was allowed back into France, he returned with over 2000 fragrances from his travels. Over 200 years later, the family-owned and operated business is firmly committed to clean and sustainable beauty and creating exquisite scents.
Antidris Cassis is a  fruity fragrance that begins with a black pepper note enhanced by Bergamot and cassis. It then develops a strong green accord with a White Rose base and dries down to a warm Oakmoss, Tonka, and clean Musk base.

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