Hand Crafted Bitters

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These bitter boxes are a best seller for us. We use them for cooking, crafting perfect cocktails and absolutely love the added benefits of using herbal bitters as plant medicine.


This set includes 6 amber glass 1/2 ounce bottles filled with each lovely kind of bitter this small Apothecary creates:

  • Hair of the Dog Hangover Tonic
  • Palo Santo
  • Citrus Medica
  • Lavender Lemon Balm
  • Black
  • Wild Mountain Sage

These are the perfect size for small presents or for travel. Keep one tucked in your purse or backpack and enjoy after a meal for superior digestion.

These cocktail bitters come wonderfully packaged in a small recycled box with recycled printed insert for cushion, information sheet about the different properties of the 6 flavors and recipe card.


4 oz. reusable glass bottles with built in dropper. All current ingredient lists are in line with FDA guidelines.

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